Code of Conduct:
– Person’s displaying any signs of drug use or excessive intoxication will be asked to leave the premises
– No physical force or obscene language is allowed
– Threats of any kind are not allowed
– Littering or making messes of any kind is not allowed. Please respect the venue
– Vandalism or graffiti of any kind is not allowed
– Yelling or screaming, which disturbs other patrons, staff or artists is not allowed
– Engaging in unlawful activity or behaviors of any kind is not allowed
– Any behavior that is perceived to be offensive to the club’s staff or patrons is not allowed
– Any clothing perceived as underwear, swimsuits, or lingerie is not allowed. you will be denied access until you have changed
– Shirts must be on at all times. if you have taken your shirt off, you will be asked to put it back on or leave until you’ve put it back on.
– No moshing
– No flip flops or slides

Prohibited Items:
–  No flow toys of any kind (LED gloves OK)
– Glow sticks
– Firearms, knives, weapons, etc.
– Backpacks or bags bigger than a small purse
-Hydration packs, empty water bottles (free water is available throughout venue)
– Drugs
– Outside alcohol or beverages
– Professional cameras and recording devices

– Helmets (e.g., motorcycle helmets, astronaut helmets or artist’s helmets)